We cover a range of assessments and opportunities across market research, strategic advisory, business development and executive briefings.

Market Intelligence

Example: Floating LNG

EMA was engaged to perform a comprehensive assessment of the risks and opportunities in the FLNG market. The scope included review of current technology, commercial viability, financing issues and competitive landscape.

Example: Deepwater Drilling

A government trade association asked EMA to provide an overview of the equipment market for deepwater drilling rigs. Our report included a summary of the major types of equipment, leading manufacturers and potential areas of opportunity.

Strategic Advisory

EMA has provided strategic advisory services to a number of companies including ship owners and shipyards. Scope included assessment of the company’s strengths and weaknesses, potential areas of opportunity in the offshore market, level of risk appetite and competitive advantages. In addition, specific recommendations included potential partnerships, acquisitions, target clients, areas and projects.

Business Development

EMA personnel have assisted clients throughout the business development process – from client/project identification, marketing, pre-qualification, proposal preparation, contract negotiation to contract award. We are particularly aware of the tender processes and contracting requirements for floating production projects.

Business Planning

· Developed leads and proposals for construction and long term leases for FSO/FPSO and MOPUs

Proposal Preparation & Contract Negotiation

· Responsible for dozens of tender submissions for FSO and FPSO projects to clients including Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Total, Devon, El Paso, Maersk Oil, Murphy, Noble Energy, OMV, Santos, Talisman, CNOOC, Pertamina, PetroVietnam and Petrobras

· Project locations included Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, China, Australia, New Zealand, Cameroon, Qatar, Russia and Brazil

· Responsible for negotiating subcontracts with major subcontractors including shipyards, mooring and offshore installation

Executive Briefings

EMA has provided executive briefings to the board and senior management of various public companies. The briefing scopes included an overview of the floating production market, types of floating production systems, competitive landscape, technical, commercial and management risks, necessary resources and keys to success.