Two Leading Offshore Energy Intelligence Providers Join Forces: Merger of Energy Maritime Associates and Archer Knight

EMA's Global Presence and Floating Energy Expertise Powers Archer Knight's Expansion into US, China, and Singapore.

In a significant reshaping of the global offshore energy intelligence industry, Singapore's Energy Maritime Associates (EMA) has joined forces with UK-based Archer Knight (Holdings) Limited. This transformative merger brings together two of the industry's leading intelligence based advisory firms, each renowned for their specialist capabilities, to deliver an unrivalled holistic service offering.


This deal is a testament to EMA's reputation as the leading intelligence provider dedicated to floating production. By carving out this notable niche within offshore energy intelligence, EMA has not only positioned itself as a market leader but also an attractive vehicle for Archer Knight to extend its influence into key international markets, namely the US, China, and Singapore.


David Boggs, EMA’s founder, who will now take a board position as an Executive Director at Archer Knight Holdings, stated: "This merger represents the next step of EMA's strategic vision and growth. Archer Knight's recognition of our unique expertise and international market position underscores the quality of our offerings and potential for future growth. I'm excited about the opportunities this combination will provide to our customers, and our shared ambition to advance further developments in the offshore energy sector."


The Archer Knight-EMA union sets the stage for an exciting growth plan. Over the next year, as part of a strategic investment of up to £1,000,000, Archer Knight Group anticipates creating 10 new jobs to drive its global expansion.


Further solidifying their combined market standing, the acquisition sees Archer Knight tapping into EMA's deep-rooted expertise in floating energy. Mike Watson, Co-founder and Executive Director of Archer Knight, expressed his enthusiasm about the merger, saying, "This game-changing deal enables us to leverage EMA's exceptional expertise in floating energy and our combined strengths to offer highly specialized market intelligence solutions to clients worldwide."


Maintaining EMA's autonomy within the group, the focus will be on expanding and digitizing its core services, thereby enhancing its unique value proposition in the market.


As Archer Knight prepares for its Series A equity raise, it is gearing up for an exponential expansion in the coming year, demonstrating both a strategic commitment to growth and an ambition to fortify its global industry leadership. Co-founder and Executive Director of Archer Knight, David Sheret, echoed this sentiment: "With offices in strategic locations and a combined client base of over 175 offshore energy focused companies, we're perfectly poised to exploit global market opportunities in the offshore energy sector."


With this merger, Archer Knight and EMA are destined to become a formidable force within the offshore energy intelligence sector, providing market leading information and advisory services.


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EMA’s Global Presence and Floating Energy Expertise Powers Archer Knight’s Expansion into US, China, and Singapore.